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Diwali celebration in different countries of the world

In Nepal Deepawali is known as “Swanti” or “Tihar”. Deepawali is celebrated in India for the five days and traditions are also different than the India. In Malaysia there is federal holiday on the day of Diwali. In Malaysia the Diwali festival is celebrated like Indian subcontinent traditions. Malaysian Hindus organized the “open houses” for welcome of the Malaysian from the different religions and caste with food and other hospitality. There is public holiday also in Singapore on the day of Diwali. Diwali in Singapore is celebrated by minority Indian community by light-ups the small Indian districts. Other activities like, exhibition, decoration of markets, music, and parades are also performed on this Diwali day in Singapore. There is a public holiday also in Sri Lanka for Diwali where this festival is usually celebrated by the Tamil community. On this day, Tamil people wear new dresses after take bath with oil in the morning, temples are decorated for worship and gifts are given. In the evening usually, the crackers are exploding for the removal of evils from the houses and to get blessings. The burning of oil lamp is continuing throughout the year, for the invitation and welcome of the goddess Lakshmi. Singing, dance, sport, fireworks and decoration of banquets are also performed on this day of Diwali in Siri Lanka. Diwali is also celebrated in the United States of America where it is first time celebrated in white house in 2003. In the United States Congress of 2007, the Diwali festival was officially granted by the President George Walker Bush. Barack Obama was the first president who individually attend the Diwali in the white house in 2009. Diwali Is also vigorously celebrated in the UK. People clean and decorated their house with candles and lamps. People are also share different sweets like barfi, laddoo etc. people of different regions or communities are gathers for religious ceremony and for participation in it. It is great opportunity for people to contact their Indians families and exchange their gifts with them. Diwali is publically celebrated in New Zealand by the cultural group of south Asian migrants. The people of Indo-Fijian communities who are migrated and settled here are vigorous to celebrate Diwali in New Zealand. After the official reception the Diwali was held in New Zealand in 2003. This Diwali festival is celebrated by Hindus here, with believes that, this festival signifies the conquest of light on darkness, evil over ignorance,goodness on intelligence and justice on injustice. Goddess Lakshmi also worshiped here with believe of deity of wealth, prosperity, light and beauty. Prasad and barfi are the very common food of the Diwali festival. On the day Diwali, special and new clothes are wear related to their culture like saris and many other type of dresses. All houses are cleaned for decorating them with lights and oil lamp. Different colour lights paper lanterns and candles are used for decoration. Some religious symbols are made with colourful calk and rice out of the houses or around the houses. Invitations are also given to family members, friends and neighbours.

Updated: April 1, 2019 — 8:31 am

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