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Controversial effects

In the festival of Diwali people used to light up the oil lamps and explodes the fireworks. It causes sometime mishap or effect the not only the environment but also the people. According to scholars the air pollution is not much during fireworks explodes but after the fireworks. The effect of air pollution is twice from the East Diwali and more badly effected than the normal day’s average level. The effect of fireworks is more after explodes because its particle remains present in the air. These pollution particles concentration is returned to its actual level after 24 hours and this pollution level remains for one day. According to the researchers, on the national day of independence or the New Year’s Eve, there is fireworks ceremony worldwide that causes the hole in the ozone layer day by day. This firework not only cause air pollution but also increase the burn injuries incidence during this Diwali festival every year. The pomegranate, a firearm, that causes the 65% injures according to the recent studies of the victim adults. Develop awareness among the people through newspaper for reducing the effects of fireworks on wound by recommending the cold water sprinkling immediately on the effected or burnt portion. If the injuries are small then it can easily have cured after the first aid but the risk is remained till the fireworks ignite preference. The fireworks created air pollution also effected the plants and trees that leads to the disturbance of environment. The festival of light is also high energy consuming through electric lamps. These lighting lamp also effect the environment by spreading nitrogen. The fireworks cause the ignition of plants and animals and the loss of nutrient that animals get from the plants as their food. After the wireworks ignition, there is explosion of the harmful chemicals in the air. These are also causes the increasing garbage amount in the environment that badly effect the plants and animals. What we get after wastage of huge amount of money on these fireworks not just only increasing the risk of injuring and harmful incidence. This money we wasted on it can be used on the needy and poor persons who have not food for their aliveness. To spend our money on the needy people is the best way to celebrate their loved ones by helping them and remember them on this day. We do not know that the gift we purchased with high amount of money is liked by the next one or not but if the same gift or money gave to the needy and poor people they accept it heartily with bundles or prayers.  And I think humanity is not religion based, u can apply it on any religion, on any place or country of the world. These poor and needy people are also our loved ones, our brothers and sisters. Then why we ignored them at this beautiful and loveable festival of light. To celebrate the Diwali festival is not bad but we can celebrate it in better way by helping divorce and widow women. And according to me this is the true love and spreading light to remember these types of people on the very special day of the lovers, families, friends and neighbours. This is not only humility behaviour but also the inner peace of mind and heart. The life is short and we have very few time to spread happiness on these special faces on the special day.

Updated: April 1, 2019 — 8:32 am

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